Business Strategy

Our business strategy is to identify and complete our initial business combination with a company in our target sector.

We plan to leverage our management team’s, directors’ and advisors’ extensive experience in our target sectors to identify attractive initial business combination opportunities. We believe our collective relationships and operating credentials will facilitate deal flow and our management team’s track-record and experience will make us an attractive partner for strong management teams and owners looking to enter the next phase of business growth and evolution.

Our Competitive Advantage

We believe companies within our target sectors will be attracted to our management team’s experience working with and advising companies globally throughout the industry.

Deep Domain Expertise

 Long-standing relationships with many of the strongest and most dynamic companies and management teams across our target sectors, with subject-matter expertise that has been validated through ongoing advisory relationships with other market participants.

Value-Added Investor

Management team with reputations as sector experts and that will be viewed as strategic investors by attractive target companies. We intend to bring value to the target subsequent to our initial business combination by using our advisory expertise and sector relationships to help accelerate the target’s business plan and expand its market opportunities.

Acquisition Target Characteristics

How We Evaluate Targets

Strong Management Teams

We will prioritize companies with strong management teams with demonstrated track records of success. Our experience is that many of the valuable companies in our target sectors are managed by strong managers that have built valuable companies in the past.

Disruptive Technology or Business Model

Data analytics and data infrastructure are undergoing significant technological changes that we believe will open up new markets and new opportunities. We have seen significant value transfer from legacy operators utilizing older technologies to newer, more agile companies.

High Margin Products or Service

Data analysis and infrastructure are characterized by high margins and low operating costs. We will look for companies that have the characteristics to drive high margins to enable them to have more flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions.

Proven, Scalable Business Models

We will look to identify target companies that demonstrate that their technologies, business models and products can scale to grow as the market grows.

Large and Growing Markets

We will pursue companies that operate in our target sectors that can capture their fair share of the more than $1 trillion market opportunity we have identified. 

Strategic Partnership Opportunities

We are looking for companies where our extensive global network can be leveraged to provide new markets, customers, capabilities or assets for the company.

Benefit from Access to Public Markets

Our target companies will have a real need to access the public markets, either for additional capital or for the public currency to complete acquisitions or for other strategic opportunities.